The Interoc Group consists of six specialist construction companies, offering a broad range of solutions to the construction industry as both general and sub-contractor. We provide services for all project types, from new-build construction to renovations, modernisations and ongoing real estate maintenance.

We are committed to providing construction solutions tailored to each of our customers' unique project needs, offering the flexibility to engage one of our specialist competences or to engage a number of our specialist divisions collectively.

By bringing together a broad range of specialist disciplines under one roof, we offer the advantages of a full project management service, from project conception to completion, guaranteeing optimal cost-efficiency, quality and deliverability.

We are proud of our history and traditions and believe passionately in drawing fully upon these strengths to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. We are committed to providing sustainable construction solutions, which serve not only our customers but also the wider community as a whole.

We are certified by, amongst others, Weber and SPEF and are members of the Swedish Construction Federation and the Swedish Association of Plumbing and HVAC Contractors. We are also authorised as a recognised plumbing installation company by Sweden's Safe Water Installation.

Interoc's head office is located in Stockholm Solna Strand and we provide construction services across Sweden, with a focus on the Greater Stockholm and Malardalen region.

Our specialist companies:


Door & Window





Our specialist services include:

  • Renovation of facades, balconies and energy optimisation
  • Heating, ventilation and sanitation installation
  • Door and window replacement
  • Large scale tiling projects, such as public swimming pools and shopping centers
  • Large scale plumbing replacement projects
  • Real estate development